Thursday, 29 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Yes, I'm aware I'm a few days late....
But better late than never :) And anyway... Christmas these days lasts from about November till the New Year.. or whenever you can be bothered taking your tree down.. so maybe March?? XD

Anywho... My Xmas day consisted of staying on a farm with family, waking up late to a beautiful breakfast.. relaxing... eating a beautiful lunch... napping.. then gorging myself on yet more food.. and prezzies!!! So all in all a successful day.

My Grandma made me this gorgeous bag using cut offs from quilting projects. I absolutely love it! It's such a personal and unique gift.
Then after all the family kerfuffle died down, we (my cousin and I) proceeded to teach my Aunty the art of the jagerbomb... I think she liked it... couldn't really tell :)

I had a Merry Christmas... How about you????

Safe holidays everyone :D

p.s. I am working on some digital art which will be up soon...