Friday, 20 April 2012


I haven't been up to a heck of a lot lately other than looking for a job and working on a project, hence the lack of posts since... Feb. I've done a little bit of sketching and a few portraits:

The portrait is of my grandfather, I popped it into a frame and gave it to my dad, he really loved it which was awesome. 

I started an animation yesterday and realised how much I've really missed it, so that was nice, I'm so glad I still love it after three years. I feel really lucky to have found something that I enjoy doing so much.  

I'm going to try and finish a scene that I started ages ago so that I can post it, since the only animation I have up here is my showreel. 

And hopefully I'll get some more animal drawings done since I'm also loving that at the moment and have been spending lots of time at the zoo :)