Sunday, 12 January 2014

Planting Chilli Seeds - Hungarian Yellow Wax and Jalapeno

My seeds arrived today!

Two things I have learnt since beginning my garden:

1. You can't grow everything from seedlings (even though I think it's sooo much easier)

2. You can buy seeds for almost every type of plant on the internet, so why not try something different!? :)

So I ordered some Jalapeno and Hungarian Yellow Wax Chili seeds. It's early Summer here at the moment and quite hot, so hopefully they will do well.

I'm using the bottom half of egg cartons as seedling trays, with old takeaway cartons to hold the water. 

I read that since chillis need to be really warm to germinate, I'm covering them with plastic wrap and keeping them in the hot water cupboard. I'll check them every day and take them out when they start to germinate.

Again, if anyone is reading this and can see something that I'm doing wrong, please feel free to comment below!

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