Monday, 3 February 2014

Chilli Progress!

Photo progress of my Chilli seeds.. (this a been a seriously fun learning experience!)

Sown 9th Jan 2014:

They sprouted on the 17th of Jan but I didn't get a picture.

Tall leggy seedlings on 27th Jan. They had been left by a sunny window under a plastic bag for a week or so while I went on holiday..... Bad I know.. But they survived!

I re-potted them on the 29th Jan into plastic cups with holes in the bottom, and I buried them as deep as possible to counteract the legginess.

And now on the 3rd Feb they seem to be loving the new arrangement!

I've been experimenting with putting them under a lamp at night....

But I can't tell if it's making a difference, or they are just growing faster since they were re-potted... Either way they seem to be happy. I lost a few of the seedlings that struggled more due to the mold that developed when they were under the plastic, lesson learnt for next time.... AIR FLOW!!!

All in all pretty happy with them, now to just wait a few more weeks and they should be ready for their bigger pots.

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